Design for Emotion and Happiness

Identifying and designing for enjoyable and meaningful experiences

Emotions are fundamental to all design acquired and consumed by people. This includes emotions experienced in response to seeing, buying and using products and services. Moreover, design has the ability to enable long-term happiness.

This MC hosts a mixture of (interactive) tutorials and workshops covering a selection of aspects of design related to emotion and for happiness, including theory, measurement, and practice. Design approaches are introduced that are embedded in theory whilst remaining pragmatic and usable for designers. Participants deepen their knowledge of how product design elicits emotions, and of the influence of design on happiness. They gain hands-on experience by formulating design intentions that include emotional and happiness effects.


Learning Objectives

During this master class, you will learn to:

  • understand what emotions are and how design evokes emotions;
  • understand how design can contribute to user well-being;
  • use tools and techniques to implement emotion and wellbeing in design processes.


  • Emotion and well-being related theory and research methods;
  • Design for emotion and well-being techniques and methodologies.
  • Fundamental human needs as basic source of emotion and well-being.


Pieter Desmet is full Professor of Design for Experience at IDE, TU Delft. He is much published, with over 300 articles and books in the fields of experience design, emotion, and subjective well-being.