On the 20th of April 2023 KIVI Kring Caribbean – Aruba and KIVI Kring Caribbean – Curaçao held their first Webinar on windfarms.

This webinar was presented by Mr. André Craens, Senior policy advisor offshore wind at Netherlands Wind Energy Association (NWEA). Mr. Craens gave an overview of the lessons learned in the Netherlands when developing wind energy projects, such as start by involving all stakeholders, keep an holistic approach such as system integration, ecology, marine security etc. and go for quality. A very interesting issue is the North Sea consultation group of all stakeholders (see Noordzeeoverleg | Noordzeeoverleg ).

During the presentation a reference was made to the recently published Outlook on Energysystem 2050 (see Outlook Energiesysteem 2050 | Expertteam Energiesysteem 2050 (etes2050.nl)) for the Netherlands. In this publication it was stated that in future electricity will be the most important element in the energy consumption while others i.e. Hydrogen will play very limited role. The presentation by Mr. André Craens of NWEA can be found here…

You can find the sheets of the presentation of André Craens under 'Documenten'