Masterclass Solvent developments for solvent-based fluid separations

                    Biobased solvents, ionic liquids and deep eutectic systems

                  Boelo Schuur, University of Twente


Fluid separations are key operations in a wide range of (bio)chemistry related industries, including but not limited to bulk chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. Next to traditional distillation, the technique that is most mature and traditionally the first approach when chemical engineers face a separation challenge, also solvent-based separations play important roles. In this masterclass Professor Schuur will discuss a variety of technology-selection criteria, and present an overview on the developments and trends in the past two decades of research in solvent-based fluid separations.


  1. Introduction in fluid separations and selection of technology
  2. Trends in solvent research: classes of solvents and their application fields
  3. Solvent selection and design criteria

Each of the above topics will be discussed in a 15 minutes section of the masterclass, during which it is possible to pose questions and comments in the chat. During a 5 min. intermezzo following each of the sections, (most of) the questions/comments will be discussed.

Participation is free.

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