The first battolyser goes from lab-scale to 15 kW facility. A edison battery is used to store energy and produce hydrogen if the battery is fully charged.

A battolyser is an electrolyser with nickel-iron electrodes which exists for a century already, but now its performance has been optimized such that it functions as a battery when it is not filled, but efficiently generates hydrogen and ogygen when fully charged. This used to be on lab-scale only, but now a 15 kW facility is going to be build in the Eemshaven near Nuon Magnum.

The hydrogen that is produced can be utilized in the cooling system of the Magnum power plant, but might also be used in the future as a carbon free fuel. For now the location near Magnum makes it possible to perform several test in order to be able to scale up to even larger systems of 1 or even 10 MW which would be interesting for industrial applications. In the test fase, the efficiency and the purity of hydrogen will be investigated.

The battolyser is able to store energy on the short and long term. Overcapacity of solar and wind energy could be stored and the battery provides an energy buffer if there is not sufficient energy available. The investing companies hope this project will function as a flywheel for the growing hydrogen economy in Groningen and the rest of the Netherlands.