This year’s Women in Science event was a great success! Fantastic, inspiring, enthusiastic speakers and an amazing audience of more than 60 women (and 1 man!) joining the event. We started with a talk from prof. dr. ing Jutta Arens, professor in Biomedical Engineering at University of Twente. She told about her career path and that the road to success is very bumpy and not straight at all.


The program continued with ir. Marlou Bergboer, Business Opportunity Manager and Capital Planning Team Lead at Shell. In accordance with Jutta she advised to listen to your beloved once on crossroads in your career. And she told about the importance that your (male) boss is heaving your back (although he does not always agree) upon making heavy decisions in your work. 

Then Pien Baake gave a short overview of the services of The Chain Company.

Prof. dr. Marielle Stoelinga gave a presentation about the interesting exhibition about women in computer science. The Alice & Eve exhibition will travel through The Netherlands, so make sure you pay a visit. 


Unfortunately, Marrit Hermens (ASML) and Carla Kamphuis were not able to speak, we hope to welcome them next year in our program.

After a nice sandwich buffet the program continues with a workshop from dr. Aldis Sigurdardottir, CEO House of Consulting and assistant professor UT. She told us about the differences in salary between man and woman and that woman should stand up to change that. This can be achieved by improving your ‘negotiation skills’ and during the workshop Aldis told very useful and important tips to improve on these skills. You can find her presentation under the button 'Documenten' (at the right).