"Semi-Submersible Cranevessel "Sleipnir"- From Concept to Reality"

Since the innovative design aspects of the vessel and cranes of Sleipnir were presented to the KIVI forum in May 2015, the design has now been turned into reality. Heerema will give an overview of the engineering, construction and commissioning challenges that had to be met to bring the vessel to physical existence. For instance, 95,000 mt of steel had to be fabricated, 3000 km electrical cable had to be pulled and over 80,000 pipe spools had to be fabricated and installed. Furthermore, castings for the crane hooks had to be made with weights in excess of 200 mt, which proved to be very challenging. And despite the large dimensions and high weights, sometimes tolerances in the order of tenths of millimeters had to be respected when the crane parts were integrated into the hull.

During the lecture a short quiz will take place. The winner receives a guided tour on the Sleipnir by its Captain. The quiz is interactive, you only have to bring your mobile phone to participate. So do not forget your mobile phone if you want to win this unique prize!


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