This evening will be dedicated to four brave technostarters giving a short presentation about their products and about the process of starting up a company. All lectures have a link with a sustainable future for the offshore industry. GBM Works is presenting a new way of vibrating large offshore piles in the sea bottom. Qlayers presents a “sharkskin” effect in (ships) coatings to reduce drag and resistance. Circular Energy proposes to produce electricity offshore with gas as input and on a renewable basis by which the production of CO2 will be neutralized. E-Kite’s wind power system consists of an ultra-light wing which is connected with a cable to a ground station, by which electricity is generated. The evening will be closed with a plenary Q&A session to produce lessons learnt.

It will be held at the incubator center Buccaneer in Delft which supports this event and offers sandwiches and drinks.

* Register soon due to limited space.
* Until 17 October you can indicate with your registration if reserving sandwiches is necessary for you.
* After 17 October there may be a possibility to registrate -if not fully booked- but no sandwiches will be reserved for you.


Nick Noordam (GBM Works), Josefien Groot (Qlayers), Arnold Groot (Circular Energy) and Max ter Horst (E-Kite).


Buccaneer Delft

Paardenmarkt 1A, 2611 PA Delft


Offshore Techniek

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