Youri Wentzel is the CEO and founder of SeaQurrent, a Dutch clean energy company that specializes in developing an innovative technology for harnessing the power of tidal currents. Youri has an engineering background with over 20 years of experience in the offshore and energy industry and has worked on numerous projects involving automating of gas treatment installations. At SeaQurrent, Youri and his team are focused on developing an innovative renewable energy technology powered by a kite-like device, called the TidalKite. Thanks to the kites' patented 3D harnessing design, the technology has the potential to significantly increase the deployment potential, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of tidal power generation, and could help to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. In his presentation Youri will share insights into the development of the technology, the challenges overcome and the planned development to make TidalKite a mainstream energy solution and become a major player in the clean energy industry in the years ahead.

Please note that this lecture takes place on Wednesday the 17th of May (due to Ascension Day on Thursday).

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