Energy Effiency: Unleash the Potential of the First Fuel of the World

The TME department of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) is organizing a symposium to discuss, from a multidisciplinary approach, the role of energy efficiency investments in industry and society. Energy efficiency will be presented as first fuel using the IEA approach as the International Energy Agency has established that energy efficiency globally is the largest and also the most cost effective contributor to the energy transition. In this seminar industrial energy efficiency is presented as a strategic solution to increase the competitiveness of the energy-intensive industry, while mitigating climate change and bringing macro-economic benefits to society.

Speakers with in-depth expertise will present, based on an extensive data analysis and literature review, the size and structure of the energy efficiency market. This will be related to energy efficiency public policies and the analysis of ESCO as a business model to develop and finance energy efficiency projects.
The publication of this project can be downloaded via the link below.

Additionally, an analysis will be presented of the financial performance of several energy efficiency investments versus the company overall performance in relation to management priorities, processes and methodologies for the energy intensive industry based on hard data in addition to interviews.

Subsequently, an interactive discussion will take place with the panel invited, that is made up of top representatives from the industry sector, institutional investors and the governmental in The Netherlands. The purpose is to exchange both industrial, shareholder and macro-economic/governmental perspectives in discussion with the audience using interactive software and the facility of live streaming.

The seminar is aimed at besides KIVI members also representatives from industrial companies, investors and policymakers. In this occasion, national and international students from universities in The Netherlands, such as Utrecht University, Delft University and Erasmus University are also invited.

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us during this evening! Please subscribe and stay tuned as more information will be announced shortly.

FREE CHARGE: The attendance at the seminar is free of charge.


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MSc. Stijn Santen (moderator)
MSc. Erica Dioguardi
MSc. Natalia Alandete


KIVI Building

Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag


Techniek, Maatschappij & Economie


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Natalia Alandete Lara


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More information about Esco in this Dutch article

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 -  uur Registration & Reception
 -  uur Opening and introduction of topic and speakers: MSc. Stijn Santen (moderator)
 -  uur Industrial energy efficiency market size, structure and ESCO* business models: MSc. Erica Dioguardi
 -  uur A strategic approach to industrial energy efficiency investments: MSc. Natalia Alandete
 -  uur Panel discussion with Panel members Government: Focco Vijselaar (Director EAP and chief economist at
 -  uur Closing followed by networking and drinking