"Satellite communications for 5G and beyond"

On November 7 the KIVI-Department of Telecommunications invite you to a theme day "Satellite communications for 5G and beyond".

The seminar will be held in the Auditorium 'Arina' of Space Expo in Noordwijk. The presentations (3) will be on the large screens special for excellent Space presentations.

A visit to the interesting Museum Space Expo with satellites and spacecraft will be included in the program.


10:00 u. - 10:30 u. Welcome coffee, tea and snacks

10:30 u. - 10:45 u. Introduction with short overview of the program Satellite and Space Communications
                           Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers by Huib Ekkelenkamp (KIVI-Telecom)

10:45 - u. 11:45 u. Speaker 1: Non-terrestrial 6G activities at CWTe by Johannsen Ulf CWTe

11:45 u. - 12:45 u. Speaker 2: MEO, the enabler orbit by Patrick van Niftrik for SES

12:45 u. - 13:15 u. Break & Lunch

13:15 u. - 14:15 u. Speaker 3: Mega Constellations – Trends, Technologies and Vision by prof. Simeon Chatzinotas

                                                                                            Research group SIGCOM University of Luxembourg

14:15 u. - 15:15 u. Speaker 4: SatCom developments in 3GPP by Relja Djapic Research Scientist at TNO-ICT

15:30 u. - 16:30 u. Visit to Museum Space Expo Group I

15:30 u. - 16:30 u. Visit to Museum Space Expo Group II

16:30 u. - 17:00 u. Networking with drinks

17:00 u. - End of visit


Speaker 1:

Title: Non-terrestrial 6G activities at CWTe