YKE offers a Fusion 360 workshop as part of the 3D printing symposium. Learn how to make your 3D model in one of the most used software worldwide. Join us online via MS Teams.


There is an increase in number of possibilities in 3D printing. Whether it is in plastics, concrete, metal or even living tissue. YKE and KST want to show you a glimpse of the possibilities and give you an insight in the world of 3D printing.

Part of the 3D printing symposium is this Fusion 360 workshop. Where Merlijn Chardon helps you getting started with Fusion 360 and lets you design your 3D model at your own pace. With a 2-hour crash course, you will gain not only a new skill but you're also one step closer to win our €500 euro prize in the KIVI 3D printing design challenge. To enroll in the challenge make sure to register via our form, you can find it here.

To get the most out of the workshop, make sure you download Fusion 360 on your laptop and get it up and running beforehand. You can find the Fusion 360 download page here.

Join us online via MS Teams.


 -  uur Welcome
 -  uur Workshop Fusion 360 by Merlijn Chardon
 -  uur BREAK
 -  uur Workshop Fusion 360 by Merlijn Chardon (continuation)