International Community

KIVI has a growing international community of engineers from all over the world working in the Netherlands. For those engineers we have the international community pages, with information about English language activities, news, and their home-base KIVI-section: KIVI International Engineers.


KIVI International Engineers

Our main objectives are to create a community for international engineers in the Netherlands to discuss technical & societal topics, to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue, to socialize, and to inspire each other. English is the official language of all our events.

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The OPD Tool

All KIVI members have access to the Online Professional Development tool (OPD). This sophisticated tool will help you in your professional planning, self-analysis and build your portfolio. The OPD will provide you with focus and fosters competence-based development. 

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Chartered Engineers

In today’s fast paced and globalising world, professional registration becomes increasingly important in order to set yourself apart as an innovative engineer, upholding high quality and ethical standards and engaged in continuous professional development. KIVI offers the internationally recognised titles of Chartered Engineer and Incorporated Engineer.  

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A growing number of KIVI events are being held in English. You can find all of them here.


Students and PhD candidates

Students and PhD candidates are most welcome in KIVI. We gladly offer them the opportunity to interact with professionals from industry in order to develop professionally, create new project or research opportunities and strengthen their network and prepare for a career beyond university.

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KIVI is member of ENGINEERS EUROPE, a federation of professional engineers that unites more than 350 national engineering associations from 33 European countries. The federation maintains a database of engineering educations, awards a certificate for professional development and more.

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Tech news

For a great selection of the best tech news.

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Discount on professional courses and training

As a KIVI member you are entitled to a discount on a number of professional courses and training programs. Find out what your opportunities are.

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Discount on tech magazines

As a KIVI member you are eligible for a discount on various English language tech magazines.

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KIVI Engineer Coaches

Are you in doubt about your next career step, would you like some advice on your professional development or are considering becoming an entrepreneur with your own startup, and would like someone knowledgeable to talk to? As a KIVI member you may request the help of an Engineers’ Coach. This is another KIVI member with a rich work experience who advises you on all kinds of career questions. You can also contact them for a career scan, a CV check or a LinkedIn check. If you would like to consult an Engineer Coach or if you would like to become one for others, please contact us at


Insurance for engineers

SAA Insurances has put together a tailored insurance package for engineers. The package includes insurances in the areas of care, injury, disability, income, pension and life insurance. As a KIVI member you are entitled to a discount on each insurance policy. When applying for multiple insurance policies, you receive a discount on the insurance and on your KIVI membership fee.

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Become a member

At KIVI you can find everything to develop yourself professionaly and join in on discussing relevant societal challenges. Join us as a member!

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About KIVI

KIVI (The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers) is the largest engineering association of the Netherlands. Engineers are fully committed to improving the quality of life in our society with their indispensable knowledge and technological solutions for societal problems. KIVI helps them with this. All engineering disciplines are represented within KIVI.

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