If nothing happens, our children will meet a too hot earth with to few energy..

DIFFER is helping to make this possible through its fundamental scientific research into new and improved energy supplies for the future. Our research focuses on two major energy themes. We are investigating how we can realise the enormous potential of generating clean power from fusion energy, the same way of releasing energy as takes place in the sun. We are also working on a way of converting sustainable energy cleanly and efficiently into fuels for storage and transport: solar fuels.


To make that possible, we are working together with industry and knowledge partners with various backgrounds: physicists, chemists, engineers and other specialists. In this way, we are helping to develop the technology needed to generate and store sustainable energy as efficiently and cheaply as possible with the right materials. So that together, we will be able to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.

and together with the whole world to research to sustainable energy in the future whithout negative influence om the climat.

The following speakers will given a impress of the possible road to a sustainable world.


The President of Differ Prof. Dr. Ir. Richard van de Sanden (director; theme leader solar fuels) at 15:45 h: College room: Introduction of Differ and "Which energytechnologie is the needed for een carbon-free energy system in 2050?". (Welke energietechnologie is nodig voor een CO2 vrije energievoorziening in 2050?)

His view based on the research projects.

Dr. Ir. Eric Persoon Research at 16:30 will present elements of the research we have done on the feasibility of "A future Dutch full carbon-free energy system in 2050".
The proposed system is described in a white paper and can be found on www.kivi.nl/energieplan.

The Dutch energy system will look quite different in 2050 from what we have now.
It is very important to have a detailed view on the expected 2050 system so that an efficient transition can be defined and realized.
Many published scenarios still make use of a considerable amount of carbon fuels in 2050 which makes it difficult to arrive at the desired CO2 emission targets.
It is often claimed that this cannot be achieved without the (extensive) use of CCS technology.
In our plan very limited use is made of carbon fuels.

Tours through the "Differ labs"

The diferent projects will be shown in the Differ-Labs in groups.

At the end of the visit networking.


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The total research program of Differ Fundamental Research


ing. Richard van Heijningen e-mail r.van.heijningen@kpnmail.nl

Meeting KIVI - Electrical Engineering

Voorafgaand wordt vanaf 14:30 h de ALV van de vakafdeling Elektrotechiek gehouden.

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 -  uur Registration with coffee and tea
 -  uur Welcome by the President of KIVI Electrical Engineering
 -  uur Which techology is needed for a carbon-free energy system in 2050? by Prof. dr. ir R. van de Sanden
 -  uur The future Dutch full carbon-free energy system 2050 dr. ir. E. Persoon KIVI Electrical Engineering
 -  uur research projects in Differ labs, tours in groups
 -  uur Networking with drinks and snacks