How do start-ups and big companies keep up with creating value for an ever growing demand and need of customers in a rapidly changing world and society?
Globalization, digitalization and (exponential) technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Digital Manufacturing, etc. are opening new perspectives (challenges and opportunities) for consumers as well for companies. The world is our playground and market (R=G). Regional becomes Global and mass production becomes personalization (N=1). Value Innovation in a time where everybody can contribute is only possible by changing our mindset and shifting towards a new paradigm which means re-thinking our businesses, products, services and processes.
A more holistic and systems approach with a major role for exponential technologies is inevitable.

16.30: Reception and last-minute registration
17.00: Lecture/workshop
18.00: Networking with a drink and a snack
19.00: End of the event


Ricardo Abdoel MSc., B.Eng.
Fontys & RA Company


High Tech Campus 1, Eindhoven

Conference Centre, 1st floor


Young KIVI Engineers

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