Thursday evening 6th of December there was a special activity by KIVI NIRIA Students Delft only for girls. Not just girls, but ‘girl geeks’ who will become the superheroes of the future and save the Dutch knowledge economy, according to Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt. 

Margot is managing director of the Red Bluejay Foundation and she has coached many girl geeks in their careers, including starting up their own businesses. With her experience as a coach, she told interesting stories about the difference between women and men in business - with a funny twist - and how the genders think and act different. Margot focused on the positive side of being a woman in the industry and let the audience think about their positive characteristics as well.

Eliane Khoury, with her own business, Jacqueline de Putter from TNO and Stephanie Jongejan, with experience at Heineken and P&G told about their interesting experience in the technological business and shared their practices in the real world. With 3 different backgrounds, this gave the audience an all-round idea of being a woman in the technological industry.

Combined with an introduction into wine tasting and some delicious snacks, it was a great evening with an informal atmosphere, interesting speakers and a good audience!