KIVI KRING CARRIBBEAN – ARUBA invites you to attend its presentation with the following title:

Smart Coatings, Smarter Choices: Dive into the chemistry of eco-friendly coatings that save money & environment

 by Ms. Dagmara Avanindra

KIVI Kring Caribbean – Aruba invites you to our next activity where you can learn about eco-friendly coatings to save money and reduce energy consumption. Living on a small island means facing the challenges of dependency on fuel oil imports and consequences of their fluctuating prices and availability. The ultimate goal in the application of Smart Coatings is to minimize the reliance on imported energy, enhancing both quality of life and affordability.

The Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort ( Eco Friendly - Carbon Neutral | Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort ) is an example where this Smart Coating has been applied here on Aruba. This resort is the first hotel to win the Global United Nations Climate Neutral Award and is the first Carbon-neutral hotel in the Caribbean.

All curious minds are welcome to discover the science behind the German-engineered eco-friendly insulation coating. Learn how it cost-effectively improves building insulation, cuts energy costs, promotes healthier environment, preserves exteriors, boosts solar panel efficiency, and extends the shelf life of produce.

Who is Dagmara Avanindra?

Dagmara has a Bachelor's & Master's in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and experience in Silicon Valley. In 2012 she was relocated from California to Aruba, drawn by its drive to sustainability and natural beauty. Dagmara is dedicated to helping reduce the island’s reliance on imported energy and increasing quality of life for its residents. 

This activity of KIVI KRING Caribbean - Aruba will take place at the University of Aruba in room A at Juancho Irausquin Plein 4, Oranjestad on Thursday May the 16th, 2024 at 7 to 8 p.m. followed by KIVI’s networking session from 8 – 9:00 p.m. while enjoying a drink and a snack. An entrance fee of 15 AWG florins is charged to KIVI members to cover the costs while non-members are charged 25 AWG fls. There is a free entrance for students at the University of Aruba while the entrance fee for the PhD candidates is 5 AWG fls.

You can register via the KIVI website.