Solar Boat Twente is a group of passionate young students who are all very much committed to having a positive impact on society throughout their careers. The team of Solar Boat Twente is building a solar boat and will race it against other teams, competing for victory. But that is not all. Working together and growing as a team and individually, on both a professional and personal level is for them very important. Supported by and working with their partners, they aim to exhibit innovative solutions throughout the boat-building process and show possibilities for a sustainable maritime sector. They are also consciously sharing the stories of their journey with the world, striving to inspire and drive the maritime industry to become sustainable. 

The boat uses the energy in the light emitted by the sun as its source of power, by converting it into electricity in its solar panels. The amount of energy that can be captured is limited to the area and efficiency of these solar panels. In turn, the available energy limits how fast and far they can sail. To be as efficiently as possible, the solar boat is designed to be a foiling vessel. This means that a set of hydrofoils (comparable to wings on an aeroplane) mounted to struts attached underneath the boat lifts the hull out of the water, substantially reducing the drag. So, even though a more efficient powertrain is definitely beneficial, most progress can be made by getting the boat to fly stably...

The Solar Boat Twente team can tell you all about the technical aspects of the boat that may even fly! Are you interested in meeting this dedicated team and would you like to know more about the technical aspects of the Solar Boat? Join this Hybrid lecture about Solar Boat Twente! After the lectures there are drinks and snacks. 

This event is organised in cooperation with KIVI Electrical Engineering and Solar Boat Twente.

You can participate both online and physically. 

The link for online participation is:

Are you a student and are you interested in joining the team next year? Don’t hesitate to drop by the Future Factory.

For more info check the website: