Panta rhei - everything flows

The ocean, the atmosphere, cryogenic fuels in industrial plants, or, on the small scale: viruses and the blood running through our veins. Fluid Dynamics is everywhere around and inside us, ranging from nanometer to astrophysical scales.

This year the UT’s Physics of Fluids-group celebrates its 25th birthday and treats you on four perspectives on fluid dynamics. 


prof. dr. Detlef Lohse (UT) - Flow for future

dr. Anna von der Heydt (UU) - Dynamical systems approaches to climate response and climate tipping

prof. dr. Devaraj van der Meer (UT) - Flowing energy: the challenges of cryogenic fuels

dr. Hanneke Gelderblom TU/e - Flow for health: The fluid dynamics of disease transmission

This event is organized in cooperation with Studium Generale.