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When Mindy Howard did her astronaut training in a centrifuge – experiencing 6G’s – she was smiling from ear to ear. This peak experience changed her life and gave her the confidence that she is ready for space. A male colleague following the same training, who initially seemed like a tough guy, screamed in fear and was shaken up by the whole experience. It clearly shows the importance of having a strong, resilient state of mind when overcoming challenges. Howard specialises in the mental preparedness and coaching of astronauts. Luckily, her techniques can also be applied to overcome terrestrial challenges.

Dr. Mindy Howard will most certainly be the first Dutch woman in space when she joins one of the commercial space flights in 2023. She runs Inner Space Training, a company which trains commercial astronauts. It pays off to prepare for launch! 

Moderator is prof. dr. Jennifer Herek, dean of the Faculty Science and Technology.

This event is organized in collaboration with Studium Generale and Space Society Twente.