Are you interested in Photonic Circuits and Microsystem solutions, and would you like to know which career opportunities are emerging in this field? This event is for you!

For most of the students & young professionals, finding the right place to conduct internships, find thesis projects or enter the job market can be quite stressful. We have you covered! The Photonic integrated circuit ecosystem kept developing right here in Enschede and multiple companies from this field offer numerous internship & job opportunities for Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Lab Automation, Device Packaging, Quantum Computation, Laser Design, and much more. And all without the need to move and find accommodation in a new city.

KIVI Students Twente, in collaboration with LioniX, PHIX, QuiX, Brilliance and Epiphanyis gearing up to host an exclusive gathering. This is your chance to connect directly with high-tech companies at the forefront of innovation right here at the UT and discuss internship, thesis projects, and exciting career opportunities.

Join us for an engaging experience including two hours of quick presentations, interactive product sessions, and an exciting highlight: the networking drinks session. You'll have the chance to mingle and chat with company representatives in a relaxed atmosphere. See you there!

Participating companies: 

  • LioniX is a worldwide leader in integrated photonic circuits and microsystem solutions.


  • QuiX Quantum is building Europe's quantum computer; full-stack, fabless quantum computing company with a 100% pan-European supply chain. 


  • PHIX Photonics Assembly (PHIX) provides an assembly and packaging service for photonic integrated circuits (PICs). 


  • Brilliance delivers light engines that overcome the challenges of miniaturization, integration, energy efficiency, and overall comfort for all AR applications.
  • Epiphany Photonic Design House facilitates the adoption of integrated photonics technology by helping companies navigate through design software, material platforms, foundries, packaging, and testing.

Participation is free. You can register via the KIVI website (red button AANMELDEN at the top right of this page).

Get ready to ignite your curiosity and dive into the dynamic world of innovation and cutting-edge technologies with KIVI Students Twente and LioniX International! Our event is the perfect opportunity to meet companies!

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