4 very charming challenges are set for young professionals (< 35 years old)

Dear Coastal Colleague, and friend of 'Kring',

Please let me highlight a new event of the Kring of Coastal engineers; 4 very charming challenges are set for young professionals (everyone under 35 years old). I would like to ask you to forward this message to anyone you might think is interested. The challenge does not aim at a large business case, but hopes for some fresh ideas which could be thought of in a few afternoons. All info you can find here; Young Professionals challenge (coastalkring.eu).

Just to entice you to check the website; these are the titles of the challenges;

Scoring goals – the sustainable way!

Levees on C02-free diet go vintage

Measuring is reassuring ?! 

Improve our assets? Or Adapt our place?

Some important dates:

  • Meet and greet session (also to find team mates) 29th of April
  • Deadline pitches 10th of May
  • Voting for the best entry; 20th May.

To participate, just send an email to kring@hhnk.nl, or by registering to Kring of Coastal Engineers (coastalkring.eu).

This Kring's meeting in Hamburg September 19 – 21  will be live!

We are still expecting to meet each other live in Hamburg. In July we will finally decide if we really will be able to organise this event live. If not, all fees will be repaid immediately. So register now and keep all fingers crossed!   Registration and program information you can find at; KRING 2021 in Hamburg - lsbg.hamburg.de.

Please make sure you register soon, and well before 1st of August. Keep in mind that the amount of tickets are limited, so don’t wait too long!

Stay safe everyone!

Looking forward to seeing you at the young professionals challenge or at our wonderful meeting live in Hamburg!

Petra Goessen, Chair of Kring (www.coastalkring.eu)