AYRO is a French industrial company that designs, manufactures and delivers a wind propulsion system called Oceanwings®. This technology solves the environmental and economic dilemma faced by shipowners: to reduce the environmental footprint and be competitive. Founded in 2018, AYRO is taking up the challenge of decarbonising shipping, thanks to its 100% automated system, which allows to save up to 45% of a ship's fuel consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of 2020, AYRO signed the manufacturing of 4 Oceanwings®, of 363m², for the Canopée vessel: a 121m long ro-ro vessel dedicated to the transport of equipment for the Ariane 6 rocket. Based in Paris,  AYRO opened its factory in January 2022 in Normandy, France.

Speaker: Romain Grandsart
Having worked 15 years in heavy industries and startups, Romain has always been passionate about the marine world and concerned about Ocean Sustainability. Engineer and naval architect by education, Romain Grandsart joined AYRO in April 2020 and is in charge of the business development and the projects management of the company.

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