During the symposium ‘Looking back from 2050’ we will imagine ourselves in 2050 at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam. We will be in a world where 11 billion people are walking this planet.
Apart from all other challenges that will rise, we will specifically address the scarcity in energy, transport and space. For these are the issues where the sea i.e. maritime industry can provide answers.
These issues will be looked at from a variety of viewpoints: political, scientific and commercial.
We intend to bring together a wide range of stakeholders in the maritime sector for consideration of this future, and how it all came to be.
To promote discussion, we intend to use an interactive tool to involve the audience in the outcome of the discussions. By this approach we hope to contribute to more cooperation and insight.
The KIVI section for Maritime Technology and the Maritime Student Association SG “William Froude” have the honour and the pleasure to invite you to attend this symposium and, on your option, to the closing dinner.


Chairman of the day: Henk de Vries (Feadship, de Vries Group)

09:15-09:40   Walk in and coffee

09:40-09:50   Keynote: Pancras Dijk (Chief Editor, De Ingenieur)

09:45-11:45   Energy
Enough energy opportunities for a future-proof maritime industry?/!
Klaas Visser (TU Delft), Wieger Duursema (Wagenborg), and Bob Meijer (TKI Offshore wind) will present their opinions.
• Four start-ups will pitch their energy solutions to the audience in an interactive discussion.

11:45-12:30   Innovation market
• In the Foyer, the world of 2050 can be experienced by companies presenting their innovation, brand new in 2019.

12:30-13:15   Lunch

13:15-14:45   Transport
What will be the future maritime market currency? Will autonomous sailing happen? What will a ship of the future look like?
Leen Paape (Nyenrode Business University) will address the economy of the future.
• Autonomous shipping will be discussed from differing viewpoints: practice vs. theory.
• The audience will design the ship of the future in interaction with Teus van Beek (Wärtsilä) and Ronno Schouten (Feadship). 

14:45-15:30   Coffee break at the innovation market

15:30-17:30   Space at sea
How will we use the oceans in 2050?
Olaf Waals (MARIN) will illustrate possibilities for living at sea.
• Other aspects of living at sea will be presented by Jan van Kessel (Blue21) and Maarten Claringbould (Van Traa lawyers and Professor Emeritus Maritime Law at Leiden University).
• Panel discussion chaired by Joep Athmer (ex Director Offshore, Van Oord): an interactive discussion with the audience.

17:10-17:20   A last look at the crystal ball
How has this symposium depicted 2050?
Inkstrategy will show their view.

17:30-18:30   Drinks

19:00             Dinner at Leipzig (Optional; register separately)  

Website:           https://symposium.froude.nl