The ”Aqua-Helix”, a Damen build FCS 7011, can sail at speeds up to 40 knots, even in rough conditions. The axe bow reduces slamming and pitching to great extent.

The slender aluminium hull allows for fast sailing as it is powered by four MTU engines connected to water jets. The largest gyro stabiliser built to date by VEEM will reduce rolling by more than 70 percent and combined with an Ampelmann stabilized gangway it should be the right solution for transporting larger groups of offshore workers to their workplace at sea quickly, safe, comfortably and economically.

This lecture, presented by Wim Boerma (Product Manager Workboats HSC) and Johan de Haas (Project Manager Damen Financial Services), gives you insights into the design process, the choices made and the first experiences after the operations with the ship started.

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