The digital revolution is transforming the world. In ship building, digitalization and the use of data has a huge impact. Rapidly developing new digital technologies like computer science, measurement technology and data science are essential for Damen’s R&D to stay ahead of the competition and create more business value.

From the early design stage to the detail engineering and services questions, calculation tools are used to predict the performance of the design of Damen’s vessels. Several in-house developed and commercial tools are used, which combine physical knowledge, experience, and empirical data.
These vary from simple rough estimates to full detailed simulations, both static and in time-domain. With datasets of several (semi-) series of vessels, Damen has the unique opportunity for validation and analyses of prediction models.

This presentation will give an insight on the current procedures, and shortly outline future developments including tools integration, product data management, simulation and digital twin.

After the presentation, the Lighthouse, R&D’s demonstrator Lab, can be visited for demonstrations on the Bridget simulator, E-lab, HIL (hardware in the loop) and Triton.

Speaker: Nico van den Heuvel MSc - Teamleader Simulation Development


 -  uur Welcome & sandwich
 -  uur Start presentation
 -  uur Visit Lighthouse, networking and drinks
 -  uur Closing