The first speaker, Codrin Kruijne gave an introduction into the field of biomimicry. He described that until now nature was used to provide entertainment and resources. These days nature is increasingly used to learn from; all kind of mechanisms and principles are pasted in completely different situations. Nature already engineered for 3.8 billion years, so we have to both use and learn it. 

Martin Bennink explained that currently nature and technology are two separate worlds. Still, they can be continued depending both on the knowledge, finances, and distance. Martin explicitly works in the Naniobio group, which researches nanotech applications to study the living world. He gave quite some examples in his presentation, like the power of penguin shields

Tom Terwisga gave an in-depth presentation regarding fin propulsion. In his story, he explained different types of fin propulsion and gave his vision on the future. He was optimistic about the future.


The presentations will be available on this page later.


 -  uur Opening
 -  uur Introduction to Biomimicry
 -  uur Nanoscale Applications
 -  uur Break
 -  uur Biomimetic Propulsion
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