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Webinar: Digital Twin applications in the processing industry – from design to operations

with the following speakers:

Dr. ir. Mathieu Westerweele - Managing Director at Mobatec BV:

Mobatec provides advanced Operator Training Simulator (OTS) solutions and MobaTAGnology, a mobile and interactive training solution to involve Field Operators, for the process industry. These solutions can enhance the competence and efficiency of the workforce, reduce training costs, and improve safety and operational excellence. They can also play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of digital twins of process plants, which are virtual replicas that provide real-time insights and predictions on plant performance. Join the upcoming webinar event to learn more about how these solutions.

Laura Fiorillo, MSc - Applications Engineer at Siemens Digital Industries PSE:

In our upcoming webinar, we will focus on the capabilities of gPROMS Digital Twins for enhancing design and operational efficiency. The discussion will cover the integration of advanced process models, the role of Real-Time Optimization (RTO) in continuous improvement, and the benefits of implementing gPROMS Digital Twins.

You can register for free, also non-KIVI-members are welcome.

The link for participation will follow by email after registration via the KIVI website.