The board of KIVI Nederlandse Procestechnologen invites you to the webinar

DyVaR Technology: the most innovative integrated concentration and crystallization process 

Speaker: Reimond Olthof

Salttech is a fast-growing company that conquers the world with their drive for innovation. On April 22nd from 19:30 – 20:30 the NPT will organize an inspiring webinar where you can learn and be inspired by the story of Salttech and their DyVaR-technology.

DyVaR stands for Dynamic Vapor Recovery. The design of the DyVaR concept is highly energy efficient in comparison with competing technologies. The concept combines spray effect, high tangential forces with moderate temperature and pressures. This enables thorough desalination with very efficient operation statistics. The technology is already applied in dairy industry, the oil & gas industry and around several other process technologies that produce salt rich brines and mixtures of salts and organics.

During the webinar Reimond Olthof will tell you more about Salttech and their patented technology on the basis of various practical examples.

Participation is free. Registration via the KIVI website.