Topic - Samotics - Achieving more with equipment through monitoring electrical waveform

The electrical waveform provides real-time insights into the condition, performance, and energy consumption of connected assets. Developed in the late 70's to monitor assets operating in nuclear industries, Electric Signature Analysis is now generally available as an asset monitoring technology for rotating equipment and deployed in industries such as the Minerals, Metals & Mining, Petrochemical, and Water & Wastewater industries. Samotics provides an automated, ESA-based monitoring technology. In this webinar, Samotics founder shares how the technology works, how it is being used today, and a concept for the Smart Production Line of the future based on asset-level monitoring combined with smart orchestration on the automation layer.  

Speaker - Simon Jagers

Simon Jagers is one of the founders of Samotics. By combining IoT-sensors and machine learning algorithms, Samotics develops practical condition monitoring tools that predict if, when and why equipment fails. Simon is a board member of the World Class Maintenance foundation and the Forbes Technology Council.

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