Is your company there too? Better check!

There used to be a ‘Handboek van de Chemie', published by VNCI, a real book (sóó 20th century!), where you could find out who produces what in chemistry. A real gem, except that is was never up-to-date. This gem has now been digitized and published under the name Chemie in Nederland. Who produces, say, ureum? With 2 clicks you find one producer and 3 wholesalers, complete with name, address, telephone number, website, a map for how to get there and more. So far it is also only in Dutch. Interestingly, typing in ‘suiker’ does NOT lead you to ‘Suiker Unie’. This shows that it is still (and will remain) a work in progress. Calling it the ‘Wikipedia of (Dutch) chemistry’ is therefore not yet quite justified, but one day it certainly will be.