Industry 4.0, Plant of the Future, Factory of the Future, Smart Factory…

Vendredi 4 (matin) et vendredi 11 (après-midi) septembre 2020, Paris.

It is common to encounter an abundance of terms in the press, media, calls for projects etc. relative to the industry of tomorrow. However, how is the industry being transformed ? Are the process industries taking ownership of this change and looking to the future ? How is this evolution of the process industries impacting Chemical Engineering as a discipline ? These two half-­days event will provide you with both a broad and precise vision of the future of the process industries. It will address the place of the industry in today’s society, new ways for process design and shifts in the operation of processes, as well as how training of students, technicians and engineers may need to be rethought to meet these new needs. The Plant of the Future is being built as of now. Whether you are a professional working in chemical and process industries or in academia, if you are interested and curious to discover the future of Chemical Engineering, come join us at this event to discuss and deepen your knowledge.

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