Adaptive transformation in the age of AI:

This talk will be about the world that we now live in and discuss this from the perspective of change, innovation, and what you as an organization can do to make change and success happen. So, in this short lecture, we will talk about adaptive transformation in the age of AI, so this talk will have a theoretical lens as well as a translation of what Academic insights can mean for practice.

The presentation will highlight why it is important to accelerate the development of adaptive capabilities to ensure the business can meet the needs of an increasingly complex environment. We will also discuss the typical stages of failed large-scale transformation efforts and why understanding this is even more relevant these days. We will end this presentation with some key ideas on how artificial intelligence can effectively be deployed and leveraged in practice to address the turbulence of the market and environment.

Bio speaker:

Rogier van de Wetering is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Education at the Faculty of Science, Dept. Information Sciences at the Open University (OU) of the Netherlands. Renowned as one of the top-ranked universities in the country, the OU is at the forefront of pioneering learning technologies and educational insights. With a background in managing large-scale digital transformations at Deloitte’s Strategy & Operations practice, Rogier seamlessly transitioned into academia in 2015. Rogier holds a Master’s Degree from Utrecht University, complemented by a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and Medical Informatics. His research spans multiple disciplines, including information systems, strategic management, and health science.

Currently, Rogier’s research focuses on unraveling how organizations, particularly within healthcare, can leverage dynamic capabilities, big data, artificial intelligence, and enterprise architecture competencies to achieve organizational benefits. Rogier is a recognized member in the Information Systems and management community, with his impactful work featured in renowned journals and conferences. Rogier also serves as an experienced editor and reviewer for leading international management and information systems journals. With his diverse background, he is a welcome project and research manager, speaker, consultant, lecturer, and workshop leader.


18:30h   The story of the Gasfabriek - Harry Romkema = cancelled

19:00h    Walk in with coffee and tea

19:30h   Adaptive transformation in the age of AI - Rogier van de Wetering

This lecture is organised as part of the Panther-Programme and hosted by Open Universiteit, De Gasfabriek and PLD University of Twente. The lecture will be in English. 

We especially welcome KIVI-Oost and NVI members, but the lecture is open for all and you are invited to bring a friend!