Offered to you by TU Delft, BAM, KIVI Regio Zuid-Holland, SAM | XL, ABB & RoboAcademy

Date: 20, 21, 22 November 2019
Location: SAM | XL, Rotterdamseweg  382 C, Delft
Price: € 1250,- (ex btw)
special offer KIVI-members € 1050,- (ex btw)
Teacher: Engelbert Meijer, ABB
Technical support: Dave Kroezen, SAM | XL

Duration: 3 Day Course
Language: English

Learning goals:
•Familiarise yourself with robot systems
•Get insights into robotic applications
•Learn basic programming skills with Robot Studio
•Implement robot systems effectively and safe

You will receive a participation certificate


Conditions for application:
Bring your own laptop
Dowload & install Robot Studio 2019.1
Bring safety shoes

About the teacher: Engelbert Meijer
After studying Technical Computer Science, I started in 1996 at Nivec Engineering in Breda as a Visual Basic Application Engineer. In 1997 I worked as a Project Engineer for Alfa Laval Automation, mainly as a PLC programmer in Dairy and Water Treatment projects. Alfa Laval Automation was taken over in 1998 by my current employer ABB, where I have held various positions for 18 years such as Project Engineer, Application Engineer and Trainer. In 2016 I switched to the Robotics department in my current position as Sales Support Engineer and Trainer.

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