Gerard & Anton Award
Every year, Innovation Origins puts ten start-ups from the Brainport region in the spotlight. These are ten innovative start-ups of which we expect great things in the coming year. A Gerard & Anton Award is waiting for each of these start-ups: not only as a reward for recent development but mainly as an incentive to go even further. The ninth edition took place on August 31 2023 on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The selection of the award winners takes place by an expert jury led by Alderman Stijn Steenbakkers. The presentation was in the hands of Beatrix Bos and Bert-Jan Woertman.

Ten new winners 
During the sold-out Gerard & Anton Event, winners 81 through 90 received their awards. They are:
Alphabeats | ANTENNEX | FononTech | Gilbert Technologies | GrAI Matter Labs | Integer Technologies B.V. | MantiSpectra | Neople | TIBO EnergyHub software | VivArt-X

A picture of the award winners of 2023

For more on the winners of the 2023 award see Innovation Origins report.
The previous eight editions show that this helps: the success rate of the former winners is above average. That conclusion was substantiated last year via the results of the extensive survey of former winners by Strategy Unit and IO.

History of the Gerard & Anton Award
Since 2014, we have had a total of 80 winners on stage. As of 2016, this is done under the name “Gerard & Anton Award,” after the best-known startup from the region: Philips. Across the board, the success rate of the winning startups is unprecedentedly high: where, on average, about 15-20% of startups are structurally successful, with this group, it is more than 75%.

Source: Innovation Origins article.