The symposium covered trends in battery research and their prospects for sustainable energy storage.

Prof. Mark Huijben of Twente University presented a general overview of battery research. He highlighted the achievements of the three 2019 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry who pioneered lithium-ion batteries. Present research in his group is, among others, on solid state batteries, i.e. where any liquid as in common batteries has been abandoned. A national R&D consortium Battery NL has been set between the Dutch universities and several stakeholders.

An interesting start-up company is Elestor in Arnhem which focuses on hydrogen-bromine flow batteries. They have the interesting property of being upgradable to high volumes and separating output power and storage capacity. Yohanes Hugo from Elestor, also PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology, presented research on the crucial membranes separating positive and negative ions in the flow batteries.

Energy Architect Dr. Maarten van Blijderveen from electricity network company Qirion, daughter company of Alliander, gave a presentation on energy planning, taking into account emission of greenhouse gasses, use of materials, and space and required labor His message was that there is by far insufficient availability of lithium for enabling the energy transition on a world scale but even for our own country.

It was a very interesting symposium with 90 participants, lots of interaction and lively discussions.

Organized by KIVI Department of Technical Physics, KIVI Students Twente and Study Association C.T.S.G. Alembic.



 -  uur Walk in with coffee and tea
 -  uur Welcome by dr. Jan Botman, Chairman KIVI Technische Fysica
 -  uur Presentations
 -  uur Closure with a drink