You can find the slides of the presentions under 'Documenten'

KIVI Technische Fysica and Study Association WATT organize in collaboration with Quantum Delta a symposium on May 13th about Quantum Technology.

This symposium will shine a light on the activities of QuiX in their field of quantum computing and make you find out with PhiX what the challenges are to photonics packaging and assembly for quantum applications. We end with a presentation by Pepijn Pinkse about the challenges of modern cryptography, its solution of quantum communication together with quantum authentication.


14:00h   Walk in with coffee and tea

14:30h   Welcome by the chair of the day Cas Damen, Lector Applied Nanotechnology at Saxion and Senior Program Manager TSST BV

14:35h   Presentation Henk Snijders, Quantum Computing Architect at QuiX Quantum: Photonic integrated circuits for optical quantum computing

15:15h   Presentation Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer at PHIX Photonics-assemblyPhotonics packaging and assembly for quantum applications

15.45h   Break, company market, drinks and snacks 

16:15h   Presentation Pepijn Pinkse, professor at University of TwenteQuantum Authentication and Communication

16:55h   Closure

17:00h   Drinks and snacks

You can find the abstracts under 'Documents'

PARTICIPATION IS FREE for KIVI members, students and teachers from Saxion and UT (including catering).

This symposium is organized in cooperation with KIVI Students Twente and is powered by Quantum Delta NL.