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As a student, you can never start building your network too early. A good network is not only beneficial for finding the right internship or connecting with the company where you want to graduate, it also gives you insights into your own strengths and helps you discover what you want to achieve with your studies.

KIVI (Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers) is the professional association of engineers in the Netherlands. It's a networking organization created by engineers for engineers, including students. You can meet experienced engineers who can assist you with challenges and career opportunities. Together, they ensure that you stay up-to-date with technological advancements and market developments. And of course, it's also about having a great time together, socializing, having fun and making plans for the future. 

Apart from having the option to join one of the 40 specialized departments, including Aerospace Engineering, Offshore Technology, Hydrocarbon Technologies & Energy Transition, Life Science and Health & Medical Technologies, you will also automatically become a member of KIVI Students!

How can you take advantage of all these benefits? Join our community and discuss all possible subjects with other aspiring (future) engineers!

KIVI Students: solid basis for your career start

When you join KIVI you automatically become part of KIVI Students, a specialized professional group catered to engineering students. What's in it for you? KIVI Students primary aim is to link students in the Netherlands to KIVI’s extensive network, laying a solid foundation for a successful career start! We offer you support to thrive your engineering journey. It serves as a dedicated hub for young engineering enthusiasts, providing access to a wide range of benefits and events tailored to their needs and interests. From networking opportunities and career development, KIVI Students is committed to empowering the next generation of engineers on their path to success. 

Study and Travel Fund

Do you want to go on a study trip, graduate abroad or take that extra course, but are finances holding you back? Each year, KIVI’s Study and Travel Fund offers 30 students support. 

“Overall, this unforgettable trip broadened our horizons and deepened our understanding of different cultures and engineering practices. Grateful for this opportunity partially funded by KIVI, we return with cherished memories and enriched knowledge." Tom, participant in KIVI's Study and Travel Fund, who travelled to Dubai and South Korea in 2023.

KIVI Connect & Row: Paddling to Professional Networks

Don't limit your connections to your own university – broaden your horizons! KIVI will help you do so. Join us in Delft at the 30th of September for an exciting afternoon of camaraderie, exercise, and networking! Presented by KIVI, a networking event with the option of rowing and a complimentary meal and some drinks, this event promises a lovely rowing experience at Proteus Eretus in Delft. Note! There are only 100 spots for rowing, so register soon. Read more and register on this page

More benefits

  • Access to exciting challenges and competitions.
  • Access to all articles of technology magazine De Ingenieur.
  • Opportunities for learning, networking, and personal growth.
  • Free participation in events, activities and workshops, including fun BBQ events!

Photo: On July 6, 2023 a tasty BBQ, organized by KIVI, brought together 80 students from diverse disciplines from Avans University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and KIM.

The KIVI Student Team Award

The bright minds of the next generation are still students who throw themselves fully into technical projects and work together on the ingenious solutions of tomorrow. To show that students are collectively capable of a lot of technical ingenuity, the KIVI Engineering Student Team Award was created. This prize is awarded during the day of the engineer and when the Prins Friso prize is awarded. An incentive prize for student teams, created by the Netherlands Royal society of Engineers (KIVI). Read more about the award

Photo: CORE CHANGEMAKERS, the student team that won the KIVI Student Team Award in March 2023.

Engineer the future with KIVI Students

"Engineer the Future" is a great example of a challenge for technical students focused on the topic of sustainability of turbine blades. Where students were challenged to find improvements on one of four categories: Design, Materials, Repurposing or Recycling. Check the video below!




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