Scenarios voor de applicatie van energie opslag in de toekomst? Kom naar Energy Now 9 juni 2016 (TU/e) voor active participatie in workshops over Energy Storage and Smart Grids

Energy Now on Energy Storage & Smart Grids on June 9, 2016 at Eindhoven

Energy Now is a congress directly related to the current energy transition. Our goal is to inspire, interest, and trigger students to take elegant action in the transition towards sustainable energy. 

The urge for rethinking the current energy system is undeniable and it should be approached in a more positive and fresh manner. Plenty of new ideas are being developed in the energy sector, creating opportunities for us as students. Though it is a challenge to reveal those opportunities.  Moreover, we should overcome the gap between fundamental research and application in society. Students possess the perfect qualities for achieving these ambitions since they have limited constraints and are open minded. 

The program consists of introductory remarks on topic by Prof. David Smeulders (Strategic Energy Area TU/e) and the definition of cases. Each of the cases will be discussed in the subsequent workshops.  Close interaction between students and experienced technologists and engineers in the workshops will be an exciting way to discuss and prepare solutions and related scenarios.

Coming up with solutions and opportunities is the goal.

For the latest news and information of the congres and for registration go to the EnergyNow site A: initative Energy Team: 

Also for the information of the KIVI Program EnergyNL2050 organised by the Team of KIVI Electrical Engineering with Symposiums by the Utrecht Institute of Sustainability