Online course IoT Fundamentals: Big Data & Analytics

Course Overview

Students will learn how to use Python data libraries to create a pipeline to acquire, transform and visualize data collected from IoT sensors and machines.


The transformative element of any IoT system is the data that can be collected from it. Thus the ability to extract data and using data analytics techniques to gain insights increases employability.

Learning Components

• Use Python to read data from sensors and store data in a SQL data base.
• Use Python Data Analysis library to clean, manipulate, integrate data sets.
• Use Python Visualization Libraries to visualize real time data end explore acquired data sets.
• Explain the fundamental principles of a modern scalable Big Data platforms like Hadoop.
• Use storytelling to present the insights gained from extracted data.


Target Audience: 2 year and 4 year College, 4 Year University students
Prerequisites: IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things
Instructor Training Required: Yes
Languages: English
Course Delivery: Instructor led
Estimated Time to Complete: 40-50 hours
Recommended Next Course: IoT Fundamentals: Hackathon Playbook


This course is offered as part of KIVI’s participation in the Cisco Networking Academy program.
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