After some months of preparations the organisation of IMarEST shares her final program for 2022. The aim is to organize hybrid events, so you are able to join live and online. INEC and iSCSS conference will find place in the Netherlands from 8 - 10 Nov. TU Delft.

IMarEST starts 2022 with two lectures related to the energy transition: marine batteries and methanol. Followed by the postponed mini-symposium in June with the topic Future Fishery. Luckily, it also seems possible to bring back social events. The organisation aims to close the technical lectures with a drink and the mini-symposium with a barbeque. This also means a small contribution from non-members will be asked.

After the summer break the programm continues with a lecture about hydrogen. The year closes with a more classical topic, the selection of drivetrain configurations. This last lecture will be combined with the AGM and annual diner.

But this is not all, also the INEC and iSCSS conference will find place in the Netherlands. See below the links for more information. Submitting a paper is possible until early March.