On January 19th, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering organized a Symposium on the future of Electrical Engineering, in cooperation with the universities of Delft and Twente, and with IEEE.

About 200 people visited the Symposium, giving it a flavor of eagerness towards future development in the field of Electrical Engineering.

On this page you'll find the presentations given on the symposium, links to a Cursor article on the symposium, to blogs of Roberto Saracco covering the symposium topic, and in due time also a summary of the panel discussion which concluded the event, will be found on the website of TUe Symposium on the Future of Electrical Engineering 2050. The presentations are also available with the links on the right.

We hope you continue the discussion as well as the exploration of the hidden possibilities of our field of engineering!

On behalf of the organizing team

Jan Vleeshouwers

Department of Electrical Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology