Due to the digital revolution, products and innovations tend to commoditise rapidly. More than ever, a strong brand experience plays a vital role in convincing consumers to become loyal to your brand. This Master Class is about how to develop brand driven concepts for products and services.

Innovations should be in-line with the brand, or preferably, strengthen the brand. Ideally, they are tuned with all the other touchpoints the consumer experiences, in order to create a durable bond between the consumer and the brand.

At the heart of every innovation is a concept that connects the concerns of all stakeholders. The physical product, accompanying services, and the retail experience are nowadays inextricably intertwined. An integrated approach is important in order to stay relevant.

During this Master Class you will:
• get a crash course branding and learn more about the future of brands;
• understand what a brand driven product concept is;
• learn what it takes to translate a brand into an enchanting concept;
• learn to apply a framework for a brand driven approach;
• learn how to be able to judge if your ideas fit and are good enough.

Jeroen van Erp is full Professor of Concept Design at IDE, TU Delft. He is one of the founders of multidisciplinary design agency Fabrique (1992), that has grown through the years into an agency with studios in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


Registration: www.ide.tudelft.nl/masterclasses

Website: https://www.tudelft.nl/io/studeren/ide-design-master-classes/brand-driven-design/