Health Journeys

Mapping health journeys to create meaningful and sustainable solutions for healthcare

The organization of care is a complex process in which different organizations, healthcare professionals, and patients are involved. When designing for this complex domain, designers need to map complex healthcare scenarios, involve users and stakeholders to discover their needs, identify opportunities, and create meaningful and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of care. A holistic and human-centered approach is needed to contribute to a safe humane, high-quality healthcare system.


In this Master Class, you get acquainted with different human-centered design research methods and learn how to map a health journey. Health journeys are comprehensive representations of a distributed healthcare system, including all actors, interactions, and processes that take place in that system, as well as experiences from a patient’s perspective. Health journeys allow the identification of design opportunities for new product and service systems for a given medical context. In addition to identifying design opportunities, a health journey provides insights into the socio-technical system within which the new service or product-service combination needs to function.
IDE’s healthcare research program and Medisign IDE Master specialization is closely connected to this Master Class.


Dr. ir. Armagan Albayrak is a senior staff member from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at TU Delft. Her expertise is in design research, human factors & ergonomics and complex multi-user interactions in healthcare. As the coordinator of the Medisign spezialisation, she is actively involved in the research and education programme of IDE in the field of healthcare. The aim of Medisign is to educate dedicated and skilled design engineers in the field of healthcare in order to develop products, services and systems, that meet the needs and expectations of healthcare professsionals, patients and informal caregivers.

Marijke Melles is associate professor Human-Centered Design for Quality of Care at the Department of Human-Centered Design. Her expertise is in the field of human factors for sociotechnical system, in particular how design can facilitate teamwork in multi-stakeholder networks. Her main area of application is the field of healtcare focusing on inter-professsional teamwork and patient participation in care networks.