Almost everyone on the planet uses a vehicle seat (in a car, train, bus, airplane). The latest knowledge on the ideal comfortable seat design is often hard to get. This course shares the latest knowledge illustrated by examples.

In this Master Class innovation specialists will be brought up to date on: (1) the latest knowledge on seat comfort experience, (2) basic seat comfort requirements, (3) translating knowledge on comfort into seat features, (4) measuring comfort and discomfort, (5) stimulating movement in seats, and (6) seats for autonomous driving.

You will learn and experience how comfort and light weight can be achieved by changing the physical environment and products. The theory is supported by applied case examples. You can create your own programme from a number of workshops.

During the Master Class, you will:
• understand the principles of experiencing comfort and discomfort;
• understand the effects of seat characteristics on humans;
• learn how to apply the principles and knowledge in future seat design for vehicles.

Peter Vink is full Professor of Environmental Ergonomics at IDE, TU Delft. He has written more than 200 articles and books in the field of comfort, performance and design of products, environments
and systems. He has guided many design projects at, among others, Boeing, BMW and KPN.