Are you curious about the developments in AI technologies and how to combine them with Data Science? Would you like to receive more insights and tips about how to apply AI in the industry and research projects? As KIVI International Engineers, we are thrilled to host you at the opening event of our Innovation & AI series. Prof. dr. Jantien Stoter from TU Delft 3D Geoinformation Research Group will give a keynote speech about  AI 3D data and digitalisation in urban applications. And Landscape, a Dutch data science company from Leiden, will give an interactive presentation on doing AI projects and implementing AI in the right way in the industry. The event will be followed by networking drinks.


Keynote Speaker: Prof. dr. Jantien Stoter, TU Deflt 3D Geoinformation Research Group
Presentation Title: AI 3D Data and Digitalisation in Urban Applications

Prof dr Jantien Stoter chairs the 3D Geoinformation research group, Section Urban Data Science at the Delft University of Technology. She did her PhD on 3D Cadastre (2004), and received personal grants both of the Dutch Science Foundation (2011-2016) and the European Research Council (2016-ongoing). She (co) leads several projects on GeoBIM, 3D city modelling and urban applications. She also works as an innovation researcher at both Kadaster and Geonovum. She has fulfilled several roles in the Open Geospatial Consortium and the European Spatial Data Research association.

In this presentation, Jantien will present how AI, 3D data technologies and digitalisation can serve applications in the domains of urban planning and design. She will present the work of her research group on 3D Geoinformation that aims at designing, developing and implementing better systems to model buildings, cities and landscapes in 3D. She will also address what is required to make the step from research to practice in order to support the implementation of the Digital Twin concept.

More Info: Prof. dr. Jantien Stoter and 3D Geoinformation at TU Delft

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Speaker: Erwin Haas, CEO of Landscape 
Presentation Title: Doing AI Projects in Industry

Landscape is a data science company from Leiden that helps different types of organisations create valuable AI models and tools. They work on projects in different sectors from health to publishing and industry but know what is important for all of them: good collaboration between the sector and data science experts. In this session they would like to inspire you with practical project examples and go into the do’s and don’ts of implementing AI. What will your next project be? 

More Info: Erwin Haas and Landscape AI

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 -  uur Opening by KIE
 -  uur Part-1: AI 3D Data and Digitalisation in Urban Applications
 -  uur Part-2: Doing AI Projects in Industry
 -  uur Interactive Q&A
 -  uur Networking Drinks