KIVI needs you to design a 3D printed gadget!

And no ordinary gadget, but one which every engineer needs.

Following our 3D-events, we would like to invite you to participate in our great challenge!

  • Get into contact with 3D printing companies and experts
  • Join workshops for CAD design and real world 3D printing applications
  • Showcase your unique work and have it recognized
  • Win a € 500 voucher for 3D printing equipment, if you can convince our jury

Challenge your 3D design skills, compete, become legendary and win a great prize!

You can sign up via the registration form

If you do not want to join the challenge, you can always sign up just for the lectures:

Workshop CAD Design / printing stories                           22-11-2021

3DCP - Visit to the concrete printer at TU Eindhoven       26-11-2021

Lecture 3D printing of high tech industry                                13-12-2021

Deadline challenge                                                                 24-12-2021

Final event                                                                             10-01-2022