This years KIVI Offshore Technology Best Graduate Awards were given to Dion Koreman and Stijn Bot for their excellent graduation theses. On the 17th of March they presented their work at the KIVI headoffice in The Hague.

The jury for the category “University of professional education” was formed by Joannes Collette, Robert Plat and Hendrik Goos. They judged as follows:
Stijn Bot worked on the optimisation of the bowless High Transport Vessel “BOKA Vanguard” of Boskalis. The study has a more industrial engineering character rather than design engineering. He contacted a wide range of stakeholders like personnel on the vessel, designers, engineers, business managers etc. He produced an important list of improvements and design changes to increase the efficiency of the vessel for the most important markets. The members of the jury unanimously judged this report to an overall very high standard.

The jury for the category “University of research” was formed by René Huijsmans, Jan van Kessel, Martijn Nieuwenhuijs and Frank Sliggers. They judged as follows:
Dion Koreman accepted the very challenging task to understand the effect of wind turbine motion both in-line and across the ice incidence. He managed to build on the existing one-dimensional “Hendrikse” model and extended it in a practical way to model misalignment of turbine vibrations and ice drift . This resulting 2-D model (ZAMBONI) is fully implemented in the Siemens owned software and can be used for engineering calculations.  

Dion and Stijn won a 1-year free membership of KIVI as well as a monetary prize of 1500 euro’s! We would like to congratulate the winners and thank the jury members.