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Plasma Technology  in Circular Economy


Plasmatechnology as a gamechanger in Circular Economy


The chemical industry is at the dawn of a revolution, in which processes must be electrified to reduce carbon emissions for reaching the climate goals of 2030 and 2050. Plasma-based synthesis has been identified as a Key Enabling Electrification Technology for a sustainable and carbon-neutral chemical industry employing renewable energy and circular feedstock and able to contribute to CO2-neutrality by 2050. Due to yet unresolved uncertainties related to productivity, energy consumption, and equipment availability, plasma conversion technology has not yet become widespread in the process industry. Nevertheless, in some cases already today significant impact from both environmental and economic perspective is feasible by replacing current process technologies with zero carbon-emission plasma conversion technology. For example, the Hüls process, which converts methane and LPG to acetylene with plasma, dates back to the last century and is still operated commercially in Germany. Or even earlier, plasma was commercialized in the Birkeland Eyde process for nitrogen fixation in a period before Haber Bosch became available for ammonia production.

The Brightsite partners want to optimize these processes for acetylene/ethylene formation and nitrogen fixation and  make them economically viable by implementing the current state of art in e.g. process control, power electronics, and reactor R&D, and  increase their flexibility toward intermittent operation and towards feedstock compatibility such as to include the use of plastic waste as feedstock.

The  Brightsite is a partnership between Sitech Services, TNO, Maastricht University and Brightlands Chemelot Campus, and focuses on making the chemical industry more sustainable. The climate goals pose hugely significant challenges for the chemical industry, but they also provide opportunities.

Speaker: Ing. Hans Linden (TNO) 

Senior Project Manager / Business Development Plasma technology. TNO. jan. 2022 - heden1 jaar 10 maanden. Geleen, Limburg, Netherlands.

Program Manager at Brightsite, Chemelot Geleen. Linkedin adres

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