Prof. Jürgen Weber and his team at the Chair of Fluid-Mechatronic Systems at TU Dresden organize  the 12th International Fluid  Power Conference, held as an online event on October 12-14.

Fluid Power - Future Technology! Giving credit to this motto, the 12th IFK proves that fluid power adapts to technological challenges and delivers cutting edge drive solutions. Due to a variety of control strategies and easy-to-use interfaces for control and monitoring, fluid-mechatronic systems are enablers for production, transportation and processing systems of the future.
The seamless integration provides a foundation for the advancing digitalization and automatization within industry and thus for technological progress.

The IFK is a traditional gathering of global fluid power experts worldwide, in order to present, shape and discuss the future of fluid-mechatronic systems.
Over 100 international scientific and technical contributions offer an overview of current trends, novel applications and research on the entire field of fluid power.
The organizing team around Prof. Jürgen Weber invite users and manufacturers of fluid power systems to join the first ever digital IFK!

The 12th IFK will be held as an innovative online event due to travel restrictions and health concerns caused by the coronavirus. The organizers are excited to use a digital event platform that meets all the requirements for an attractive and productive discussion platform in a virtual space.

The platform is designed to provide a live conference experience that animates an active participation.
The features of the live conference include:
- Intuitive and attractive user interface
- Live moderation
- Presentations will be given live
- Q&A in presentation room via chat, moderated by the Chairman
- Individual Speaker’s Corner for every session with public video stream platform for Q&A and discussions
- Digital exhibition site with video stream chat rooms and appointment option
- Private video discussion rooms for two or more persons
- Networking option via smartphone app
- Composition of your individual conference program

Experience an interactive conference on a virtual platform!