Sino-Dutch evening at KIVI

This event will be hosted offline.

Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI), Prinsessegracht 23, 2514 AP Den Haag

Please note that parking at the parking spots on Prinsessegracht street is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. If you park more than 2 hours, there is a Q-Park Malieveld located across from the main entrance.

As KIVI International Engineers, we are looking forward to hosting you at our Sino-Dutch evening at KIVI Headquarter in The Hague.

We have invited 4 speakers to share their perspective on culture and society, education and research, economy, technology and innovation in China and The Netherlands. 

During the panel discussion, the speakers will also interact with the audience to exchange their options on the challenges and opportunities in China and The Netherlands, and more importantly, how the two countries can strengthen their collaboration by better mutual understanding. Last but not the least, how engineers can contribute.

Do you already have a topic for the panel discussion? Feel free to send it to or our LinkedIn homepage.

Biographies of Speakers


Bei Wang (Lecturer Hogeschool Utrecht and PhD candidate at Utrecht University)

After obtaining her MA in European Studies at University of Amsterdam, Bei worked at Greenpeace International. Bei was Editor-in-Chief and Head of the Chinese Department at Dutch broadcaster RNW Media. She then launched the digital China department at RNW and represented the Netherlands in China during the International cultural & media exchanges.

In 2015, Bei co-founded FIVE Degrees, a brand management and digital consulting firm specializing in the Chinese market. Since 2019, she has been working at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences as lecturer and has developed the Digital China Minor programme. Bei is currently working on her PhD research about digital transformation in China and the Global South at Utrecht University. 


Daan van Eijk (TU Delft Delegate China Academic Relation)

Professor Daan van Eijk is the Delft University of Technology Delegate China Academic Relations as well as the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering China Representative. He is renowned for his ability to connect knowledge institutes, industry, and governmental organizations. Van Eijk is a driving force in empowering the sector through networking, knowledge development and education. For the last 20 years, van Eijk has been a regular visitor to China. He has worked together intensively with several universities across China, both in education and research.


Marc Moquette  (Dutch Knowledge Envoy on China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Knowledge Envoy on China Marc Moquette presents how the Dutch government’s knowledge collaboration on China has evolved into a unique network involving all twelve government ministries and a growing number of academics. There is more to this network than meets the eye at China Knowledge Network

We should not be naïve on the prospects of Sino-Dutch relations and neither on the side of rivalry nor on that of collaboration. No matter our country size: we need to stabilize runaway systemic co- dependencies that no single country controls and that are having our respective national interests for breakfast. For that reason, the network is seeking collaboration with like-aware yet unlike-minded partners in a safe, clean and complexity-sensitive information space. Entering complexity beyond the grasp of geopolitical and economic analysis.


Peter Gill  (Author and publisher of "West meets East: Understanding Chinese-speaking Societies" launched end 2023)

Presently serving as a policy advisor China at Delft University of Technology, he was instrumental in setting up the university's knowledge security program.

With a Master's degree mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in business economics, Peter has become proficient in Mandarin Chinese, thanks to his experience living and working in Shanghai and Taipei.

Peter's career spans diverse industries, initially in finance roles at ASML and mining firm BHP Billiton before transitioning to contracting and procurement. Prior to TU Delft he was general manager procurement for a 1 GW offshore wind farm in Taiwan.


 -  uur Walk in
 -  uur Pizza service
 -  uur Opening by Dr. Jun Wang (Chair of KIVI International Engineers) and Introduction to the speakers
 -  uur Bei Wang: Understanding Digital China Bottom-up
 -  uur Prof. ir. Daan van Eijk: Academic collaboration as a fine balancing act
 -  uur Quiz with prizes: your knowledge about China and The Netherlands
 -  uur Marc Moquette: Radical collaboration under runaway systemic co-dependencies
 -  uur Peter Gill: West meets East, Understanding Chinese-speaking Societies
 -  uur Panel discussion
 -  uur Networking drinks